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$8.3 bn order for Airbus

February 12, 2014

European airplane maker Airbus has clinched a $8.3 billion deal to produce its A380 model for a leading aircraft leasing group. The superjumbo aircraft is the world's largest passenger plane.

Airbus A380 in the making
Image: picture-alliance/dpa

Amedeo, formerly known as Doric Lease Corporation, placed an order for 20 of Airbus' A380 superjumbo aircraft, the European planemaker said on Wednesday. The news came during the Singapore Airshow.

"This firm order from Amedeo is a clear recognition of the A380's long-term market appeal," Airbus chief operating officer for customers John Leahy said.

Amedeo's chief executive, Mark Lapidus, said the purchase reflected his company's goal of keeping pace with growth in the air travel sector.

"As world air traffic continues to double every 15 years and airport infrastructure and slots do not, the A380 is the best solution for airlines to capture that growth," Lapidus said, who added that the aircraft would be delivered between 2016 and 2020.

Airbus had a record year in 2013 with over 1,500 orders and 626 planes delivered, which approached competitor Boeing's 648. The European planemaker has placed more focus on its A380, selling it on its spaciousness and comfort for long flights.

The deal with Amedeo came a day after VietJetAir announced it had ordered 63 A320 passenger planes from Airbus. The deal was worth roughly $9.1 billion.

kms/ch (AP, AFP)