A voice connecting two worlds | HOME | Nádia Issufo | DW | 11.10.2017
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Nádia Issufo

A voice connecting two worlds

Nadia Issufo - Where I come from

Nadia Issufo is a linguist, a writer and one of the most recognized Portuguese voices on DW's radio for Africa. She came to DW in 2007 wanting to learn a new way of doing journalism that could make a difference in her native Mozambique. She is currently an International Media Studies student and he dreams one day of returning to share everything she has learned about the media with people back home. And she won't lack experience. She has been a journalist since 2004, getting her start as a reporter at a TV station in Maputo and quickly moving up to becoming an anchor and editor of the morning news and economic programs. But she also has a passion for African art, literature and jazz. She cherishes a new generation of Africans who are seeking their identity.