A Visit to the Damallsvenskan | Archive | DW | 05.06.2015
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A Visit to the Damallsvenskan

Kick off! goes to the top match in the Swedish women's football league. Top-ranked Rosengård features Brazilian-born Marta, the five-time Women's Player of the Year, as well as five other international players.

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A Visit to the Damallsvenskan

For German national Anja Mittag, the match against number two Kristianstad was also her last-ever game. The Swedish league has long had a reputation for a high degree of professionalism. And starting this season, all the matches are to be broadcast on live TV. That could be seen as further evidence that Sweden takes gender equality very seriously, including in football. Marta, at any rate, is so thrilled that she's applied for Swedish citizenship.

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