A Passion for Film: Three Berlinale Talents | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 11.07.2020
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A Passion for Film: Three Berlinale Talents

What do these three young, female filmmakers have in common? We meet Inés Moldavsky from Israel, Diana Saqeb Jamel from Afghanistan and Laurentia Genske from Germany - three participants in the initiative Berlinale Talents.

Watch video 26:06

Diana is from Afghanistan, Ines from Israel, and Laurentia is German. These three young female film makers met each other in February 2020 during the international Film Festival in Berlin, where they all participated in the networking platform Berlinale Talents. DW met the up and coming young artists in Berlin.

Diana Saqueb Jamal left a safe life in Canada behind to fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan.




Ines Moldavsky used an App to experiment with dating young Palestinians, and showed how easy it can be to overcome barriers.




And Laurentia Genske documented the lives of socially vulnerable individuals over an extended period of time with quirkiness, humor, and a loving perspective on daily the grind. Three young talents united by one vision: they live for cinema!