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A day in the Life of Hans Magnus Enzensberger

November 25, 2022

Charming and sophisticated, Hans Magnus Enzensberger was a German intellectual icon. Born in 1929 in southern Germany, the writer and philosopher helped shape political discourse in the Federal Republic since the early 1960s.


On the occasion of his death, Deutsche Welle is airing a documentary about Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s remarkable life. Social critic, publisher and writer, Enzensberger served as the liberal conscience of the Federal Republic. Diving into the complexities of his intellectual work, the documentary also provides insight into his everyday life. In the marketplace, the café and the library, we experience Enzensberger the debater: Approachable yet critical, someone who used his sharp wit, deep knowledge and fundamental humility to touch people‘s hearts. Filmmaker Michael Bauer uses archival film footage to trace Enzensberger’s path from his early days as a young intellectual, following his evolving worldview over the course of his life. Poet Michael Krüger, photographer Herlinde Koelbl, publicist Tilman Spengler and filmmaker Alexander Kluge weigh in, sharing their experiences of this giant of the German intellectual scene.

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