50th Anniversary Programmes | DW-RADIO | DW | 23.04.2003
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50th Anniversary Programmes

DW-radio will be marking our 50th anniversary with some special programmes in the week leading up to May 3rd:


Living in Germany, 30.4/ 1.5

DW today – what are our goals, who make the programmes, how do Germans see their international broadcaster, and where do we go from here? Tune in to Living in Germany to find out all about DW in the 21st century.

Insight, 28/29.4

50 years of DW, 50 years of history – tune in to our weekly in-depth look at people and politics for a look back over half a century of broadcasting history and related events.

Arts on the Air, 29/30.4

Which authors were popular, what music were people listening to, what plays, actors and other stars were setting the scene in the year when Deutsche Welle was born? Join Arts editor Gudrun Heise for a journey back in time to 1953.

Cool, 1./2.5

50th birthday parties are not always what the younger generation would describe as “cool“. Is Deutsche Welle’s 50th an exception? What do young people in Germany and around the globe know about DW? Why do young listeners tune in to COOL? And what are their views on celebrating 50 years of Germany’s international broadcaster?

Spectrum, 2./3.5

Half a century of radio – and tremendous advances in broadcasting technology. A special edition of our science and technology magazine looks back at the changes from the radio of 1953 to the multi-media, digital 21st century.

Mailbag 27./28.4

We asked our listeners to let us know what stories and memories they associate with Deutsche Welle. Tune in to a special edition of our new 55‘-long Mailbag programme to hear the best, worst, saddest, funniest stories from all around the globe, combined with music from the last 50 years.