2013 - A new constitution is passed | Africa | DW | 23.01.2013
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2013 - A new constitution is passed

A constitutional referendum sees an overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans approve the new document, paving the way for elections to be held in July 2013.

The new constitution will limit presidents to two five-year terms, but is not retrospective, meaning President Robert Mugabe can stand for re-election. The deputy prime minister post will also be abolished.

The new supreme law replaces the document written in 1979 at Britain’s Lancaster House. The old constitution was amended 19 times since its implementation.

Prior to the 2013 constitutional referendum; in response to pressure for a new and democratic constitution, Mugabe's regime appointed the Chidyausiku Commission to draft a new document.

A referendum was conducted in February 2000, and the electorate resoundingly rejected the fraudulent document. The NCA and the MDC encouraged voters to turn down the proposed document, infuriating the Mugabe regime. This proceeded to sponsor violent invasions of white-owned commercial farms.

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