DW′s strategic plan 2014 - 2017 approved by the boards | Press | DW | 06.03.2015
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DW's strategic plan 2014 - 2017 approved by the boards

The Broadcasting Board has adopted DW's strategic plan from 2014 to 2017 with a strong majority at a joint meeting with the Administrative Board on February 27 in Berlin.

The Administrative Board approved DW's strategic plan unanimously. On behalf of both boards, Prelate Karl Jüsten, chairman of the Broadcasting Board, and Peter Clever, chairman of the Administrative Board, thanked the German Bundestag and the Federal Government, saying those institutions "are now clearly doing everything possible to put the conditions in place so that the strategic plan of Germany's international broadcaster can be implemented in full."

The Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media have confirmed that DW is set to be backed up by reliable long-term funding. Plans are in place to compensate for DW's increased personnel costs in order to put a stop to the broadcaster's structural budget deficit.

"We are very grateful to Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Monika Grütters for this important signal in favor of securing DW's future. That ensures that Germany's international broadcaster can continue to effectively present German positions and viewpoints with journalistic content in 30 languages," said Jüsten and Clever in Berlin. In light of the world's numerous wars, conflicts and crises as well as growing expectations for Germany, DW's mission has grown in significance, they added. The two also gave special thanks to DW's Director General Peter Limbourg, who they said has shown decisive commitment to addressing DW's structural financial issues and giving the broadcaster a new strategic direction.

The Broadcasting Board and the Administrative Board offered recognition to DW's entire staff. "The discussions in recent months were not always easy for the employees," the two chairmen said. They noted that staff committees, unions and numerous social groups contributed to the success.

At the meeting of the two boards, the concept of the new English-language TV channel was presented along with DW's redesigned news app. Both drew much interest and support from the board members in attendance.

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