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Corporate news

DW’s new trainees 2022-2023 introduce themselves

DW Volos 2022 | Gruppenbild

Not even the Coronavirus could stop the new DW trainees. From all over the world they arrived in Bonn and are just as motivated, creative and involved as the trainees that came before them. Meet them here!  

Ukraine and Russia
Past statements and responses
DW Akademie

DW Akademie and DW join forces for journalism workshop and video contest in the Indo-Pacific 

DW Akademie | Journalismus Workshop im Indopazifik

Water is our most precious resource, but due to environmental change, water is no longer accessible to everyone or is constantly polluted. DW Akademie together with DW, launched a journalism workshop and video contest.   


DW Pictures

Deutsche Welle in Bonn

Corporate pictures

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Competent and multilingual
Global Media Forum
Watch video 01:00

A first look at "Shaping tomorrow, now"

Be there at the 15th Global Media Forum on June 20 and 21, 2022.  

DW Freedom of Speech Award