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Diversity is our strength
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Diversity in the workplace
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Diversity at DW
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Diversity Management
Our Strategy

We in the Diversity Management department want to make the diverse backgrounds, competencies and perspectives in our company more visible at all levels and promote them. 

Diversity management strategy until 2025:

In 2025, DW is not only one of the most diverse media organizations in Germany, but also one of the most inclusive. It lives diversity internally and externally. This is our stated overarching goal. To achieve our goal, we pursue a holistic diversity management approach.

Our strategic goals until 2025:

• Strategic Goal I: We are diverse - increase representation at all levels of the              workforce.
• Strategic Goal II: We are diverse - Strengthen inclusive corporate culture
• Strategic Goal III: Our products are diverse - Representing the diversity of                perspectives of our target groups worldwide.

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