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How close should we get? Media and conflict

DW Akademie Mockup / MIL Guidebook

Media and information literacy guidebook (Third Edition)

DW Akademie Digital Security

Threat Modeling Guide: A handbook on digital security

A DW Akademie Media and Information Literacy flashcard showing the five MIL superheroes

New MIL Flashcards: Introducing the MIL superheroes

DW Akademie Discussion paper

Bringing digital rights into Media and Information Literacy

DW Akademie Mockup | Publikation

Radio in a post-pandemic world: Tools and strategies

DW Akademie Mockup / Publication 'The Amazon - The challenge of communicating diversity'

The Amazon – The challenge of communicating diversity.

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In focus: Media Viability
In focus: Media and Information Literacy
Handbooks and Manuals

Tips for creating public awareness campaigns for Africa

Mock-up: DW Akademie Edition 2018

This DW Akademie booklet profiles eight public awareness campaigns conducted in African countries. It gives an overview of how the campaigns were designed and implemented, and outlines the lessons learned.  

Flash Cards
About DW Akademie
Other Publications