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About us

Participants of DW Akademie's most recent hackathon in Moldova. (DW/Y. Alekseeva)

"Hackathons" in media development: Takeaways for organizers

26 students from 18 different countries: This is the 10th intake of DW Akademie's International Media Studies. (DW/Eva-Maria Senftleben)

International Media Studies: Tenth round of students

Volos 2018 | Gruppenbild (DW/P. Böll)

Introducing: Our 2018-2020 Journalism Trainees

Serbia's press council was established in 2010 but many media outlets are not adhering to the council's code of ethics. (youthvibes.rs)

Serbia: Fighting for journalism ethics

Colombiacheck is a unique Colombian digital research project based that has had journalists and students taking a closer look at issues around the election campaigns, including financing and statements made by candidates. (colombiacheck.com)

Colombia: Fact-checking national election campaigns

Myanmar - Prozess der verurteilten Reuters Journalisten: Khin Maung Zaw, der Anwalt der beiden Journalisten. (DW/E. Mehl)

Myanmar: "If you find the truth, you are in danger"

SchülerInnen bei der Media and Digital Literacy Academy der DW in Beirut (Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut)

Media Literacy in Beirut: On the trail of Big Brother

Rohingya Bangladesch (DW/A. Marshall)

Rohingya in Bangladesh

New colleagues, a new focus and new technology: reporters test their new equipment. (DW/D. Kleinert )

Reporting "together" on a process affecting us all

Free Media. Free Expression. Free Societies.

DW Akademie strengthens the human right to freedom of expression. Together with our partners, we play a leading role in the development of free media systems, creating access to information, setting standards for education and independent journalism.