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About us

MEDIA DEVELOPMENT: Social media analytics | A practical guidebook for journalists and other media professionals (DW)

A practical guidebook for media professionals

DW Akademie Workshop Nairobi Kenia (DW/J.Fitzner)

The art of marketing films: Workshop for filmmakers in Nairobi

DW Akademie Media Literacy Comic für Guatemala (Sónica 106.9)

"Sin conexión": A comic book teaches media literacy in Guatemala

Delegationsreise der DW Akademie März 2019 (DW/L. Weller)

Colombian delegation visits German memorial sites

DW Akademie Bolivien Teilnehmer Formacion Dual (DW/W.Vargas)

Dual journalism training program in Bolivia

Kenia Alumni Medienforum 2019 (DW/F. Murithii)

Digital transformation and the media: Kenya Alumni Media Forum 2019

DW Akademie Projekt Markets and Movers | Besuch junger JournalistInnen in Deutschland (DW/N. Beck)

Cambodian journalists gain new insights into business topics

DW Assesment-Center 2019 | Ramón Garcia-Ziemsen, Leiter der Journalistischen Ausbildung (DW/P. Böll)

"An incredibly intense experience for us"

Discussion paper: More than money | Rethinking Media Viability in the digital age (DW)

Rethinking Media Viability in the digital age

Free Media. Free Expression. Free Societies.

DW Akademie strengthens the human right to freedom of expression. Together with our partners, we play a leading role in the development of free media systems, creating access to information, setting standards for education and independent journalism.