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About us

 #speakup barometer Startseite Karussel (DW/J. Endert)

Digital participation in eight countries

DW Akademie Konferenz Flucht und Migration

Invitation to conference: Beyond the crisis

DW Akademie | Rohingya Camp (DW/M. Kahn)

Rohingya: Radio program warns against renewed flight

Medientraining in Bolivien (CEPRA)

Ideathon in Caranavi: Rethinking Community Radio

DW Akademie Media Literacy Comic für Guatemala (Sónica 106.9)

A comic explains data security to social media users

DW Director General Peter Limbourg together with delegates from Asia (DW/Z. Nedjabat)

Spirituality 2.0: Promoting love speech in the media

UN 17 Nachhaltige Entwicklungsziele (United Nations)

Development Goals: Report on the right to information

Media Democracy Camp 2019 Kyrgyzstan DW Akademie

Kyrgyzstan: Practicing democracy in summer camp

MEDIA DEVELOPMENT: Social media analytics | A practical guidebook for journalists and other media professionals (DW)

A practical guidebook for media professionals

DW Akademie Workshop Nairobi Kenia (DW/J.Fitzner)

The art of marketing films: Workshop for filmmakers in Nairobi

Free Media. Free Expression. Free Societies.

DW Akademie strengthens the human right to freedom of expression. Together with our partners, we play a leading role in the development of free media systems, creating access to information, setting standards for education and independent journalism.