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About us

Digital Media Pioneers DW Akademie (DW/D.Larin)

Media Viability Handbook: Call for authors

 DW Akademie aus Marokko - Blick über Casablanca und die Moschee Hassan II ( DW Akademie/P. Brückner)

DW Akademie’s Journalist Award 2019

DW Akademie Konferenz Flucht und Migration

Conference: Beyond the crisis

DW Akademie Pyalara (Pyalara)

Award for Pyalara: "A way of life"

Serbien - MEDIAMOCRACY Camp 2019 in Prolom Banja (DW/M. Erdelji)

Serbia: Youth want to have a say

The International Media Studies class of 2019-2021: 34 students from 27 countries

IMS: Master's program gets underway for 11th time

SPILNO-Moderatorin Sofiia Musienko und Studiogast (UA:PBC)

Ukraine: Spotlight on the regions

Illustration Dossier Investigative Journalism (DW Akademie/Andeel)

After the Scoop – how investigative journalism affects media

Volos 2019 | Gruppenbild

Our 2019-2021 Journalism Trainees

 #speakup barometer Startseite Karussel (DW/J. Endert)

Digital participation in eight countries

Free Media. Free Expression. Free Societies.

DW Akademie strengthens the human right to freedom of expression. Together with our partners, we play a leading role in the development of free media systems, creating access to information, setting standards for education and independent journalism.