Debating Bush in Europe | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 22.02.2005
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Debating Bush in Europe

Bush's trip to Europe has stirred debate regarding how the US president is viewed abroad and possible changes in transatlantic ties. Many DW-WORLD readers are critical of the event as well.


Guarding Bush in Brussels

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. If you would like to have your say, click on the feedback button below. Not all reader comments will be published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

The emperor has no clothes but the spectators have no eyes! Only 59 million Americans can not see the disastrous unilateral policies Bush is leading and that the world is a more dangerous place with his wars and failing foreign policies in the Mid-East. The Bush administration thinks that lies become truths when they are repeated over and over. Germans and French: Please help us for a regime change and save the world from American Wars of Mass Destruction. -- Adel Heriba

I am very confident that the Bush visit is going to be successful in anti-U.S. Europe. Bush might come across as a bully to many, but he is a man of God. Condoleezza Rice did a great job to even out the bumpy road for the President. -- Paula Linna, U.S. resident from Finland

The relations between Europe and the U.S. will worsen on the long run, because Bush will never give up his stubborn, selfish shortsighted position. It is the U.S. which has to alter the arrogant foreign policy. Not Europe! By the way: France and Germany are not representing the Old Europe, but the New Europe! -- Manfred Krüger

For those who wish to disrespect America with anger toward Bush, which should only be reserved for criminals and terrorists, I say, like it or not, perfect or not, this American President is the only thing standing between them and the terrorist / Islamic fundamentalist movement. I have great respect for Europe but the EU should wake up and realize that it is time to abandon the 'save the whales' style of foreign policy. It is a different world now! -- Robert Lion , Connecticut, USA

You ask if the Bush visit will bring about improved relations: Like your interview with Javier Solana expressed, on the surface it will, as that seems to be what we are concerned about: surfaces. But beware, Bush has not given up his goal of dominating and subverting power to his own ends by whatever means necessary. Smooth talking is useful at this point in time, but behind the scenes things are going on and it may be that the lion will roar again to the dismay and distress of many. -- Roger Lafontaine

Why should the Bush visit change chilly relations? Bush will not compromise. He is on a mission from God, and even denigrates his own father as a weakling. You are not dealing with either a rational man or a democracy here. Knuckle under or leave the table dissatisfied. There is no chance of a workable compromise, thus no hope of a thaw in relations. -- Peter J. Kraus, Santa Maria, California, USA

Boy George will 'try' to improve relations with Europe, but I'm afraid his general demeanor will again keep a wide gulf between Washington and Europe. Not all of us U.S. citizens were for his reelection, but we are stuck with him for another term. I also don't believe you would rather have John Kerry as U.S. President either. When Boy George comes back from Europe, he will announce to the public that talks have been fruitful and were a complete success. But I rather doubt that. There may be a small closure to the rift between the two sides but the differences are too great at this time. There is an old Indian saying around here: "The great white fathers speak with forked tongue". -- Robert, Texas, USA

No, Bush should not be welcomed with "open arms." Many Americans (but not quite half) think he is the wrong man for the job. Many of the votes he did get were swept up with fear (9/11), greed (tax cuts), and ignorance (the Iraq war). Thus there is no reason why he needs to receive a red carpet welcome here -- please, on behalf of those many, many Americans who did not vote for him -- push back and do not accept his short-sighted and damaging agendas. -- Stafford Northcote

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  • Date 22.02.2005
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