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Global Media Forum

As the principle of multilateralism is slowly being eroded, how do the media react to this age of "shifting powers"?  

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NRW: Imagine a place

Germany's most populous state is a vanguard in innovation but is also a hub for culture and the arts.  

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Germany's Federal Foreign Office

The Federal Foreign Office promotes international exchange and offers protection and assistance to Germans abroad.  

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Michelle Müntefering on media freedom

Minister of State Michelle Müntefering is a frequent panelist at and supporter of the Global Media Forum.  

How lawmakers hope to fight hate speech

Lawmakers want hate speech online to be tracked and monitored more tightly. But will digital platforms comply?  

The future of local journalism

Local newspapers and radio stations continue to suffer falling sales, often resulting in takeovers and bankruptcies.  

Risks and challenges of artificial intelligence

Many of the professional activities of journalists are now being automated by AI. How will this affect the industry?  

Do you really want AI in your life?

Two letter that prompt differing reactions around the world: AI. But are people ready to let robots into their lives?  

Citizen journalism 2.0 at the Merkurist

One initiative in Germany has come up with a way to remain relevant while involving citizens in their editorial process.  

Anabel Hernández receives Freedom of Speech Award

Hernández is one of Mexico’s leading investigative journalists, publishing stories on corruption and drug trafficking  

Media and politics: Quo vadis?

The world order has changed affecting the way that journalists interact with politicians. Do they still need each other?  

Europa Parlament: Rede des ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten Viktor Orban (AP)

Eroding press freedom in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, media freedom is being eroded at the expense of democratic discourse and impartial reporting.  

CGNET Swara: Lending a voice to India

CGNET Swara has invented a new and surprisingly simple way to bring newsgathering to illiterate communities in India.  

Media viability: more than just clicks and money

Media outlets across the world face enormous difficulties delivering quality reporting while staying financially afloat.  

Eleven years DW Global Media Forum

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Highlights from the DW Global Media Forum

With top guests and delegates from around the world, the DW Global Media Forum is one of the biggest media conferences.