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Save the Date for the Global Media Forum: May 27-28, 2019!

Don't miss next year's Global Media Forum - more details coming soon.

Thank you for joining the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2018 and don’t forget to save the date for the 12th GMF: May 27-28, 2019!

We were delighted to welcome over 2.000 guests from 140 countries to this year’s Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum – bringing together decision-makers and influencers from the worlds of journalism, digital media, politics, business, civil society and academia.

We would like to thank the 270 speakers, 60 partner organizations and all participants for engaging and thought provoking discussions and debates around this year’s focus topic: “Global Inequalities”. 

And don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE: Join us for the 12th GMF taking place from May 27-28, 2019, to discuss the tough questions, get inspired, and collaborate on solutions for the global media landscape! Until then – let’s continue the discussions on Facebook and Twitter.

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