Your questions | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 05.04.2022

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Your questions

Helpful answers to your questions about the Global Media Forum.

How can I register for the Global Media Forum 2022? 

Registration is now open at You can take your pick on how you want to take part: You can come to Bonn and choose the full access ticket option with Early bird ticket discount until May 10 or you can secure your virtual access ticket. We also offer discounts for students as well as press access tickets. We look forward to have you with us!


What is the difference between the full access and the virtual access ticket? 

The full access ticket allows you to attend the event on-site at the Bonn Conference Center (WCCB) in Germany including a reception at DW headquarters on Monday evening and a dinner cruise on the Rhine river on Tuesday evening. This ticket also gives you unlimited virtual access. 

The virtual access ticket allows you to attend the conference from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are at the time of the event. It additionally includes especially tailored online workshops. 

Both tickets include an on-demand access to all sessions for four weeks after the event. You can now choose your ticket here.


I am a journalist and would like to report on the event. Can I get accredited for the conference? 

Yes, you can go through accreditation with your valid journalist ID. Participation for accredited journalists is free of charge. 


I will be attending the Global Media Forum and would like to report on conference. How do I receive relevant press information?

You can go through accreditation with your valid journalist ID at Information and press releases regarding DW and the Global Media Forum can be found at the DW press website. If you require further assistance, please contact the DW corporate communications team at To subscribe to the Global Media Forum newsletter, please follow this link.


I don't work in journalism. Can I still attend the DW Global Media Forum?

Yes, we encourage and welcome interdisciplinary exchange and will be delight to have representatives of all kinds of backgrounds attend our events.


If I travel to Germany for the Global Media Forum, what are the rules concerning the COVID-19 pandemic?

Entering the European Union and Germany, certain requirements have to be fulfilled during the ongoing pandemic. The Federal Foreign Office gives you a frequently updated overview of these entry requirements on its website. As the situation continues to evolve dynamically, detailed access regulations to the conference itself will be subject to ongoing changes, but will very probably include COVID vaccinations and/or testing.


Where can I watch the conference recordings from the Global Media Forum 2021 and the previous years?
You can watch all sessions and talks on our Youtube channel at any time.


Want to know more about our conference?

Get an overview on the Global Media Forum website.

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