Upcoming digital session: Turbo-digitalization in local journalism | Global Media Forum | DW | 23.07.2020

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Upcoming digital session: Turbo-digitalization in local journalism

Join the GMF 2020 on August 10 for a digital session discussing the state of local journalism in the coronavirus crisis. The session begins at 14:30 (UTC+2).

The coronavirus crisis has hit local newspapers especially hard. Advertising business has collapsed, a great deal of news reporting has disappeared, and whole editorial teams have been furloughed. At the same time, the importance of local journalists is growing, because they publish journalistically relevant, entertaining and authentic pieces, acting as local community guides, as fact checkers and suppliers of important service information. The content of local newsrooms is in greater demand than ever before, with clicks and digital subscriptions on the rise. But what will happen after the coronavirus crisis? How will it be possible to continue to keep users on board, maintain high journalistic standards and at the same time develop new digital revenue models? Can digitalization really save the local newspaper industry?


Brang Mai

Brang Mai, CEO, Myitkyina News Journal, Myanmar 

Brang Mai is the CEO, founder and executive editor of  “Myitkyina News Journal” in Myanmar, a Burmese-language weekly circulated in northern Myanmar. The newspaper, founded in 2014, harnesses the power of local journalism in a country that had no independent media until just a few years ago. In 2016, Brang Mai won the first prize in the “NawMing Media Leadership Award”. 

David Schraven

David Schraven, founder and editor-in-chief of CORRECT!V

David Schraven is founder and publisher of CORRECT!V. From 2010 to 2014, Schraven was head of investigations at Funke Mediengruppe, one of the largest European media holdings for regional newspapers. Prior to that, he was the treasurer of the German association of investigative journalists, Netzwerk Recherche for seven years. In June 2014, he founded Correctiv, the first nonprofit investigative newsroom in the German-speaking world, and remains its editor-in-chief. Schraven is one of Germany's best-known investigative journalists.

Nasir Salisu Zango (private)

Nasir Salisu Zango, Journalist, Freedom Radio, Nigeria 

Nasir Salisu Zango is a journalist and editor at Freedom Radio Kano, Nigeria. He has experience in managing news and current affairs, and has completed an internship at DW Hausa in 2012. Nasir is a graduate of Bayero University, Kano. He lives in Kano City.


Elizabeth Shoo (DW)

Elizabeth Shoo, DW News and Kiswahili Service 

Elizabeth Shoo was born in Germany but raised in Tanzania. A former DW Akademie trainee, Shoo has been with DW for ten years. She has mainly worked as a radio host and a Social media presenter on DW News. She is currently working as part of the social media team for DW News as well as doing radio for the Kiswahili department.
Please join us on August 10 from 14:30 (UTC+2) in our Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/220937585760246/

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