The political power of digital media in Asia | Program | DW | 23.03.2015
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The political power of digital media in Asia

Hosted by Deutsche Welle
Monday, June 22 / Room F/G

Asia's networked population has risen from millions to well over a billion. As high growth continues, digital media will continue to shape societies on every level, with broader access to information and entertainment, significantly higher engagement, increased transparency, and a louder voice for a wider variety of interest groups than ever before. Against this backdrop, well-established media platforms in most of Asia retain a powerful place in delivering curated services that serve all audience segments. But for how long and at what cost?

This panel will look at key issues, challenges and successes facing media providers attempting to harness the power of a digital environment against sometimes significant odds. The panel will discuss this topic with eminent panelists from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Pakistan.

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