Should the World Be More Welcoming to Bush? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 24.01.2005
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Should the World Be More Welcoming to Bush?

President George W. Bush's second inauguration last week mobilized thousands of protestors across the US and stirred discontent around the world. DW-WORLD readers offered their thoughts on the global reception.


Protestors demonstrated against Bush. Is the opposition justified?

I am a Texan born Hispanic living in Fort Hood, Texas. I can tell you that Bush Jr. does not care about German protesters. Obviously he does not care about Texan protesters, military veteran protesters, Medicare and social security protesters, animal and enviromental protesters, nor peace protesters in the same unempathic and unsympathetic fashion. I did not vote for President Bush Jr. He does not represent all of America's views, but then neither do I. -- Tara Lopez Wright, USA

I wish Bush would stay home. If all Germans are going to do is protest then there is no reason for him to show up. Personally I couldn't care less what you people think about our president and his policies. You really ought to worry about your high unemployment rate, poor economy and low birth rate. -- Anon, USA

The Divided States of America

USA Karte mit Flagge

America has a history of being divided in public opinion. America was as divided on whether to enter WWII as the war in Iraq. JFK won the presidential election with less of a majority than Bush just did in a supposedly "bitterly" divided nation. Republicans and Democrats have alternated the presidency for the past 40 years. American population percentages are more diverse than virtually any other nation in the world. There is no reason why America won't elect a democrat as president in the next election. It is important for the nations of the world, expecially across the Atlantic ocean, to work together for what we all want, individual freedoms and safety. – Matt, US ex-pat in Germany

At home in the United States, Bush is as polarizing a figure as he is abroad. There is no middle ground, he is either loved or hated. It is as wrong to judge the American people by their president, as it was wrong to judge the German people by Hitler. Most Americans were against the war in Iraq.There were huge protests but apparently the rest of the world was not watching. Will Bush work more closely with the rest of the world? I doubt it. I don't think he cares what the rest of the world thinks but most American people do. -- Inge Perreault, USA

Amtseinführung von George Bush

President Bush and wife Laura walk during the inauguration parade in front of the White House.

I feel ashamed to say that I am an American these days. I live in Massachusetts, and I voted for John Kerry. Four years before that I voted for Al Gore. I despise my president and his whole administration. I cried as I watched coverage of his inauguration on the nightly news. I can't understand why the American media is so biased in their glowing coverage of Bush and all he does, with only a brief mention of a few protestors in the US. I do hope that other countries keep in mind that half the population of the US did not support Bush, and that many many people in the US continue to protest and rally and pray for peace and understanding during these very disheartening times. I hope that the next four years move swiftly past us and onto better things. -- Jes, USA

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