Russia: Education in Modern Commercial TV-Markets | Topics | DW | 02.03.2012
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Russia: Education in Modern Commercial TV-Markets

GoldMedia Television Screen with Image Gallery © HaywireMedia #30068090 - Portfolio ansehen

25 June 2012, 4:00 p.m., Room Suessmuth
Hosted by
Deutsche Welle (DD) and the Academy of Russian Television (ART)

Television changes your mind and sometimes takes you away from many interesting and useful things like reading, meeting people, and spending time with your family. It can make you passive and even cause aggressive behavior and destructive reactions to everything. Television can be dangerous by offering false information or encouraging you to buy things you don’t need. At the same time it can present information to us in the most effective way and increase the popularity of arts and science.

Television programming from some Russian broadcasting companies can be a rich source of information and education, by offering people the chance to learn about different cultures and languages, history, arts and science. But many producers seem to feel that action and entertainment are the only way to keep television viewers from changing the channel.

There has recently been an increase in the variety of new forms for education through television in Russia. And professionals consider some of them to be very effective. In this workshop, Deutsche Welle (DD) and the Academy of Russian Television (ART) will try and explore the relationship between television and education in Russia, as well as highlighting the new forms of non-formal education.


Maksimov, Andrey
TV-Host, Senior-Editor, Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, Russia

Mlechin, Leonid
Political Analyst and TV-host, OAO TV Zentr Moskov, Russia

Nabutov, Kirill
Art director, TV "Adamovo Yabloko", Saint Petersberg, Russia

Shvydkoy, Mikhail (Moderator)
President of the Russian Television Academy Foundation, TV-Host, Moscow, Russia

Smelyanskiy, Anatoly
Author, TV-Host, Rector of the Moscow Art Theatre School, Deputy Art Director of the Moscow Art Theatre, Russia