″Left-wing populism in Spain″ | Global Media Forum | DW | 01.09.2017
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Global Media Forum

"Left-wing populism in Spain"

Coming soon on September 7: A panel discussion organized by Bonner Akademie für Forschung und Lehre praktischer Politik (BAPP) and Global Media Forum. Save the date!

Following previous events discussing about populism, Bonner Akademie für Forschung und Lehre praktischer Politik (BAPP) together with the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum will once again organize a discussion panel on September 7, 2017, and this time with the topic “Against the elite: Left-wing populism in Spain”. This is the closing event of the panel series after “Civil right populism in Austria” and “The roles of the media in a high tension of populism and of national-conservative populism in Poland” that were held in the past months. Several key points of this last discussion are to answer the basis of the characteristics of left-wing populism in Spain and what roles that the media have in this case.

Sitting as the panelists are Dr. Heinrich Kreft – Ambassador of the German Embassy of Luxembourg, Nikolaus Werz – Professor of University of Rostock, Ángela Paloma Martín – Spanish journalist, blogger and political scientist, Raul Zelik – Author, political scientist and translator of the book from Pablo Iglesias, “Podemos”, and Patrick Leusch – Managing Director of Global Media Forum. Click here for more info about this event (link to BAPP page).

This event will be held in the Gremiensaal, Deutsche Welle Bonn, at 6 pm. For more info, go to http://www.bapp-bonn.de/veranstaltungen.



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