Grunwald, Maria | Speakers | DW | 07.06.2013
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Grunwald, Maria

Journalist and TV Presenter, Deutsche Welle, Berlin, Germany

Referentin Maria Grunwald auf dem Global Media Forum 2013

Maria Grunwald is a German journalist and television presenter. She hosts the Deutsche Welle science program “Projekt Zukunft” ("Tomorrow Today") in German and Spanish. Grunwald grew up in Chile and studied in Germany and the United States. After editorial traineeships at Deutsche Welle in Cologne, Berlin and Brussels, she worked for the German broadcaster’s radio department and for SWR Radio in southern Germany. Grunwald has lived in Berlin since 2008, where she works for Deutsche Welle TV. She also trains young journalists and other people involved in the media at DW Akademie and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Academy of Journalism.

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