Failing Institutions or Backbone of Professionalism? The Quality of Academic Journalism Education in Developing Countries | Topics | DW | 02.03.2012
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Failing Institutions or Backbone of Professionalism? The Quality of Academic Journalism Education in Developing Countries

11.2011 DW-AKADEMIE Afrika Uganda African Stories

25 June, 2:00 p.m., Plenary Chamber
Hosted by
Deutsche Welle Akademie

Only a small minority of universities in Africa provide communication and journalism studies programs across Africa, and even these have many gaps. Media management and audience research, for instance, are not addressed at all. In many cases, the quality of academic media education is at a low standard educationally, professionally and technologically. It is often outdated in terms of content and methods. Apart from a few exceptions, Africa’s universities do not provide world-class, locally relevant programs. UNESCO is tackling this challenge with strategic capacity-building of existing institutions. UNESCO has identified 11 universities in Sub-Saharan Africa as having the needed capacities to participate in their initiative for excellence.

In 2010, DW Akademie launched a Master's program in international journalism. Others take a different approach: The Aga Khan University is establishing the Graduate School of Media and Communication, GSMC, in Nairobi, to serve the entire continent of Africa. A brand new academic institution, its intention is to create a “more diverse, independent, socially responsible media sector with knowledge and skills to strengthen the social and economic success of their enterprises”. Such a media sector will enable Africa to negotiate socio-economic, political and technological change and increase African engagement and contributions to global knowledge and trends in media. This panel discussion will examine questions such as whether to strengthen institutions or build up new ones - which concept should global stakeholders pursue for formal education in the media sector? How can Africa’s academic media education institutions be improved? How can the quality of formal education in media professions be enhanced?


Berger, Prof. Guy
Director, Freedom of Expression and Media Development UNESCO, Paris, France

Ladhani, Nazeer Aziz
Project Director for Graduate Professional Education, Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya

Jukes, Prof. Stephen
Dean of Bournemouth University`s Media School, United Kingdom

Leusch, Patrick (Moderator)
Head of Project Development, DW- Akademie, Germany

Schmidt, Prof. Christoph
Head, International Media Studies, DW Akademie, Bonn, Germany