Event | Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 20.01.2011
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Event | Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue

Political and media experts will be in Bonn April 13 to discuss the topic “Turkey – Media Organisation en Route to Europe?” Please make a note of the date.


Following Deutsche Welle’s successful first Media Dialogue in April 2010 on “Russia – Media Between State Control and Commercialization” the goal of this year’s academic media symposium is to analyze various aspects of the Turkish media market.

The talks and podium discussions in Deutsche Welle’s second Media Dialogue will focus primarily on Turkey’s structural, economic, legal and media policy prospects. The symposium will also look at working conditions for media professionals’, print, broadcast and online regulations, and the extent of press freedoms in the Turkish media system.

Participating in the Media Dialogue will be political and media experts including the former president of the German federal parliament and current chair of the German-Turkish University consortium, Professor Rita Süssmuth. She will give the keynote speech on “The Media Situation in Turkey and its Impact on the European Dialogue”.

Further guests include Professor Haluk Sahin, columnist and journalism professor at the Instanbul Bilgi University; Dr. Günter Seufert, an expert on Turkey with the German Institute for International and Security Affairs - SWP; the Istanbul-based ZDF television correspondent, Mr. Halim Hosny; and Mr. Baha Güngör, head of Deutsche Welle’s Turkish Service.

An invitation to Deutsche Welle’s Media Dialogue with additional program details will follow shortly.