DW Akademie | May 2012 | Media Development | DW | 14.05.2012
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Media Development

DW Akademie | May 2012

Overview of DW Akademie's current international development projects

• Colombia, Riohacha and Cartagena
Editorial department organization: Consulting module; part of a long-term project for local media on Colombia’s Atlantic coast.

• Egypt, Cairo
Workshop for hosts of TV talk shows and current affairs programs at the private station 25TV.

• Egypt, Cairo
Online election reporting: Hands-on workshops at the Egyptian association for journalists.

• Egypt, Cairo
Citizen journalism: Training for reporters and managers at the Rassd News Network (RNN).

• Egypt, Cairo
Election reporting: Coaching for editorial staff at the private news station, ONTV.

• Germany, Berlin
African Stories - Reporting about Germany: African TV journalists and German opinion leaders discuss experiences.

• Germany, Bonn
Building Trust: Journalists from Moldova and Transnistria discuss mutual perceptions.

• Georgia, Tbilisi
Workshop on media self-regulation for journalism students at the I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU).

• Kenya, Nairobi
DW Akademie/UNESCO Initiative of Excellence: Train-the-trainer workshop for journalism instructors at select African universities and institutes.

• Libya: Benghazi, Gharyan, Misrata, Tripoli, Zawiya
Election Reporting and Political Communication: Workshop for radio journalists.

• Moldova, Chisinau
Multimedia Workshop: For journalists at Teleradio Moldova (TRM).

• Montenegro, Budva
Multimedia Workshop: For journalists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

• Morocco, Tangiers
Media in Transition: Environmental reporting for radio and online journalists; in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).

• Palestinian territories, Ramallah
Viewer-oriented Television: Developing local TV formats with the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC 4).

• Palestinian territories, Ramallah
Digital Audio Archiving: Organizing digital archive systems for the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

• Tunisia, Tunis
Media in Transition: Radio and television workshops on the newsroom, news reports and live broadcasts; for Radio Tunisienne (RTCI), Télévision Tunisienne, Mosaique FM and Radio Kalima.

• Ukraine, Simferopol
Local Journalism: Workshop for television journalists.

• Vietnam, Hanoi
Archive Consultancy for Voice of Vietnam - Advanced Tape Restoration.

• Yemen, Sanaa (workshop held in Egypt, Cairo)
Youth Radio for Yemen: Journalism basics and ethical standards for reporters.