Ammon, Doris | Speakers | DW | 10.05.2011
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Ammon, Doris

Journalist and Author 3 Sat TV


Doris Ammon has worked as a TV journalist for more than 20 years. Currently she is a reporter and documentary filmmaker for “Makro”, a business program broadcast by ZDF/3sat that portrays the growth of globalization through economics-based foreign reporting. Her documentary “Kalter Krieg ums Öl” (The Cold War on Oil) was recommended for the Adolf Grimme Award in 2006. She filmed two documentaries about the drug economy in Mexico for “Makro”.
Ammon lived and worked abroad for more than eight years and regularly travels to Latin America. After studying comparative behavioral science and psychology in the United States, she spent two years traveling across Asia. After that she served for three years as a refugee aid worker helping Vietnamese boat people. In 1990 she returned to Germany and began her career as a journalist.

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