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DW News (Themenheader Program Guide)

Competent and multilingual

Our DW experts

Mikro (dw)

Looking for a commentator? Our journalists are experts on German and international politics, media, culture, economics, science and human rights. For further information, please contact Christoph Jumpelt.  

English, Kiswahili

WICF_Edith_Kimani_1024x576 (DW)

Edith Kimani


German, English

Deutsche Welle Manuela Kasper-Claridge Portrait (DW/R. Oberhammer)

Manuela Kasper-Claridge

DW Editor-in-chief  

German, English

Kuefner Michaela Kommentarbild App

Michaela Küfner

German and international politics  

German, English, French

Hofmann Max Kommentarbild

Max Hofmann

DW Head of News  

Bengali, English, German

DEBARATI_Vorschaubild_1024x576 (DW)

Debarati Guha

Asia, human rights  

Turkish, German, English

German, English

Stäcker Claus Kommentarbild App

Claus Stäcker


German, Albanian, English

German, Russian, English

Mannteufel Ingo Kommentarbild App

Ingo Mannteufel

Cyber security  

Arabic, German, English

DW Jaafar Talk Moderator Jaafar Abdul Karim (Teaser)

Jaafar Abdul Karim

Middle East, intercultural topics  

Arabic, English

Dima Tarhini - DW News Anchor (DW)

Dima Tarhini

Middle East  

English, German

01.2016 DW Quadriga Moderator Peter Craven (Teaser)

Peter Craven

German and international politics  

Indonesian, German, English

Deutsche Welle DW Vidi Legowo-Zipperer (DW/P. Henriksen)

Vidi Legowo-Zipperer

Southeast Asia  

Spanish, English

DW | WICF | Jenny Perez (DW/H. Khermani)

Jenny Perez

Latin America  

German, English

Maaß Birgit Kommentarbild App PROVISORISCH

Birgit Maaß

UK and European politics  

Arabic, English

01.2016 DW Made in Germany arabisch Moderatorin Maissun Melhem (Teaser)

Maissun Melhem

Middle East