When to ″Shoot to Kill″ | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 27.07.2005
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Social Media

When to "Shoot to Kill"

The "shoot-to-kill" policy of the London police reaped a lot of criticism, and some support from DW-WORLD readers, as did T-Mobile cyclist Jan Ullrich.


How far should London police be allowed to go?

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

It is disgusting that the Metropolitan Police are not even modifying their "kill-on-suspicion" policy, meaning they are free to commit the same error in the future. It is even more disgusting that the London papers are still praising the action, and most disgusting of all that the British people are not taking to the streets to protest this. Ken Livingstone seems to have metamorphosed into a "collateral damage" hawk -- he does not even deserve the name "Red Ken" anymore. I was full of sympathy for London after the bombings, but now I seem to be getting less so. What difference is there between the London police and the terrorists now? They both think it's OK to kill the innocent for a greater good.

--Tom Louie, Los Angeles

I think that the British police need much more training with guns and dealing with stressful conditions before being allowed out in the open to shoot innocent people. Surely one shot fired at such close range is enough. Five shots make me believe that the police were out of control. I would think that "shoot and kill" should certainly be thought through again. -- R. Owen

Yes, well trained officers should be able to shoot to kill during a crisis such as chasing a potential bomber who refuses to halt after ordered to do so. If the general population is aware of a crisis and the order to stop for police when ordered and doesn't do it, an officer, in order to protect the public, should be allowed to shoot to kill. It's unfortunate this must be but it's a 'crisis' thing and can be rescinded when the crisis lifts. -- Elizabeth Coote

Tour de Jan in 2006?

If Jan can singularly focus on the Tour and have the team really rally around and for him, instead of looking for individual glory, he can definitely win in 2006. He has the power, drive and tenacity. He just needs the discipline, training and support.

-- Diem Do

There is no doubt in my mind that Jan will rise to the occasion and win at least one more tour... disappointing it didn't happen this year, but it's wonderful that he is on the podium. Although Lance Armstrong is great, he would not be as impressive if he did not have the classy and consistent Jan Ullrich to contend with. Best wishes to Jan! -- Tiffany Fox

I do hope Mr. Ullrich is the next winner and I think he can do it. To be criticized for not beating Lance Armstrong is laughable if not ludicrous. It boggles the mind when considering, One man has taken the Tour de France 7 years in a running.We will see what tomorrow brings. The usual? Good luck Jan Ullrich! -- John J. Cannella

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