Participants and winners of our ″DW and you!″ contest | My DW | DW | 22.03.2012
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Participants and winners of our "DW and you!" contest

Countless users took part in our contest ‘DW and you!’ – and we would like to take the time to thank each and every one for bringing DW to every part of the world.

Winners of an iPad:

Barbara B.-F., Italy
Hany A., Egypt
Siham M., Morocco

Winners of a Nokia Smartphone:

Alexandre K. M., Brazil
Ana Teresa P. C., Mexico
Belkis C., Venezuela
Emilio Carlos E., Mosambique
Enrique I. Z., Peru
Erda T., Indonesia
Eseenam Amevi B., Togo
Hao L., China
Issa Ibrahim N., Tanzania
Jesus Agustín G. M., Mexico
José Miguel M., Argentina
Juan C., Mexico
Ksenia S., Ukraine
Martha P., Dominican Republic Republik
Nataliya K., Ukraine
Pratika U., India
Stu M., New Zealand
Sumitra S., USA
Wu K., China
Mr. Xue F., China

Deutsche Welle congratulates you!

All winners will be informed by e-mail.

Here you can find the winner photos and a selection of our user's contest entries.

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