Mohammed, Homophobia and the Nazis′ Gay Victims | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 02.02.2006
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Mohammed, Homophobia and the Nazis' Gay Victims

Many DW-WORLD commented on Muslim protests against cartoons of Mohammed published in European papers. They also weighed in on homophobia in Europe and Berlin's plans to build a memorial for gay victims of the Nazis.


Elton John got to marry his partner, but gays elsewhere in Europe still don't have that right

The followi n g comme n ts reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comme n ts have bee n published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for le n gth a n d appropriate n ess of co n te n t.

Mohammed Cartoo n

I think the outrage at something as minor as the cartoon speaks of childish and immature behavior. It makes one wonder if these people are ready for civilization, let alone democracy. -- to n ystreet

Muslims all over the world believe that they would not become complete Moslems if they didn't love their prophet more than themelves. Loving Prophet Mohammed is the greatest thing Muslims do. Haven't people learnt how to respect this? I would urge the Danish government and the EU to put an end to this before its too late. I hope it is not too late. -- als n a n r, Bahrai n

Norwegen jetzt auch böse

Burning a Norwegian flag in protest of the publication of the cartoon

Does this really surprise anyone? These guys are fanatics, bent on the repression of any speech that they deem inappropriate. -- Ke n Bar n ey , US

I do not think a country such as Denmark or any other country should be held at fault for a newspaper cartoon's caricature of a religious symbol. Where is the outcry when a Christian symbol is under attack in a editorial or cartoon pictorial genre. We all have the right to disagree and consider a certain subject in poor taste and poor judgment, but to hold a whole country at fault is not the solution. -- mkemrk

Stop imposing your ethnocentric culture onto the world. Muslims will always react to this type of disrespect. It has no positive effect on the world, for Muslims or non-Muslims, so why do it? Just so you can proudly claim three empty words amid a chaos of aggression and lack of security: "Freedom of speech." Is it really worth all the negativity it has caused both sides? -- ummyahyamedi n a

Muslime in Deutschland Mann mit Gebetsschnur p178

Many Muslims feel insulted by the cartoon

We don't just need apologies but we need them to stop making fun of our religion. -- atrevida n ajjar

As I said to the editor of Jylla n ds-Poste n, "Dear Editor, I support you in your stance regarding Danish freedom of speech and expression. The world should not have to 'walk on eggshells' whenever the topic of Islam is discussed." -- Scott E. Smith, Scotla n d

I think that freedom of expression must be maintained at all cost and should not be compromised just to appease the Muslims, who I think have already been given way too many special concessions by western (especially European) governments. -- Aura n gzeb Kha n , Pakista n

Such a fuss over cartoons! It's a sad commentary on the state of the Muslim world. The Danes didn't kill anyone, they didn't kidnap anyone, they broke no laws anywhere -- someone just expressed their opinion. The cartoons were published in a western nation that I hope will always value freedom of expression over religious intolerance. The lock-step intolerance of the middle-eastern nations speaks volumes about their political situations. -- csmcmilla n

I suppose Europe would act the exact same way if anybody attacked Jesus Christ, the prophet that we honor as much as Mohammed. I also think that the response will be much larger than just a boycott that is a weak way to say: "We object." I think that a large act like the humiliation and disrespect of our prophet must be faced by a larger one. -- tamershh n

The EU o n Homophobia

BdT: Homo-Ehe nun auch in Spanien möglich

A couple in Spain celebrates in 2005 after the government legalized gay marriage

"Gays" have a right to be who they are -- most likely it cannot be changed. I wish they would be satisfied with a legal union -- giving them all the rights and protection a marriage does, including a civil ceremony. The church should not discriminate -- as they claim 'we are all God's children." I do not understand why gays have to have parades. Heterosexuals do not have parades expressing their sexuality and perversions. I do not see the need for gays to dress up in a shocking and overtly sexual manner -- nor flaunt their private feelings for each other. -- eddar6

I do not think that the EU should stand up for "gay" rights and I do not even think that the word "gay" should have been stolen by homosexuals. We have suffered a vociferous campaign over the last 30 years by this homosexual minority to reverse our standards and to criminalize the belief of the majority population of normal heterosexuals that homosexuality debases our society. -- hai n es

Memorial for Gay Victims of Nazis

I think it's wonderful that Germany is going to make this monument. It shows that the past is in the past, but not forgotten. It will be a great thing for future generations to see and the monument will show how times have changed and people have grown. -- ki n zie

I think it's an excellent gesture, albeit more than 30 years overdue. -- fhe n derso n

I think it's a great, important, long overdue idea. The sooner, the better. -- gittes, Fra n ce

Denkmalsentwurf für homosexuelle Opfer des Nationalsozialismus

The proposed memorial in Berlin

The German government is really sick by willingly acquiescing to building a monument dedicated to perversion. I wonder if the "endless kiss" depicted by Messrs. Dragset and Elmgreen on their monument is just a peck on the cheek or a genuine French kiss. -- gwtauss

I think that the contemplated memorial is the act of a truly civilized society. --D emetrios Papaefthimiou

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  • Date 02.02.2006
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