General conditions of use for the DW App 2.1 | Mobile | DW | 22.06.2015
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General conditions of use for the DW App 2.1

These conditions apply to the private use of the DW app.

The DW app and its content may not be used for commercial purposes or transmitted for use by third parties. The DW app and its content may also not be commercially or non-commercially publicized, transmitted, broadcast or made available in any way without the expressed consent of Deutsche Welle.

Deutsche Welle reserves all copyrights and other intellectual property rights pertaining to the DW app and its content.

The DW app allows users the possibility of transmitting user-generated video, photographic and text content to DW. With the act of transferring this content to DW, users grant Deutsche Welle usage rights for this content, royalty-free, non-exclusive, objective and unlimited in time and scope. Those transmitting content also permit Deutsche Welle to partially or completely use, edit, publicize, broadcast, perform, reproduce and distribute user- generated content across all broadcasting mediums, using any technical methods. DW may also grant these rights to interested third parties.

Deutsche Welle is in no way required to make use of user-generated content.

Users guarantee, as a creator of content or as a possessor of usage rights granted by third parties, that they are permitted to transmit user-generated content and grant these user rights to Deutsche Welle. They also agree that they posses the right of publicity for any persons portrayed in transmitted content.

Users grant Deutsche Welle exemption from any possible claims by third parties resulting from the users' violation of the aforementioned regulations, especially in cases pertaining to usage rights and publicity rights. This exemption includes covering any costs incurred as a result of any legal defense required by Deutsche Welle in this context.

Users understand that all content and data transmitted to DW will be saved for use by Deutsche Welle and/or its partners abroad. DW shall ensure that this data is in no way made available to unauthorized third parties.

By transmitting contact data (telephone number, e-mail address etc.), users thereby allow Deutsche Welle to contact them accordingly. Users allowing the DW app access to their location via GPS also permit the transfer of this data to DW, the storage of this data by DW and its partners and the eventual publication of this data by DW.

If a user does not wish to be named publically by DW as the creator of transmitted content, they must specifically inform DW of this.

Users must never, in any situation, put themselves in danger to produce user-generated content for Deutsche Welle.