Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications | Organisation | DW | 02.10.2014
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Spokesperson and Head of Corporate Communications

Since October 1, 2014, Christoph Jumpelt (56) has been Deutsche Welle's Spokesperson and head of Corporate Communications.

Jumpelt, an international journalist and communications advisor, started his journalistic career in 1977, when he trained as an associate producer for ABC News in the former German capital, Bonn.

He stayed with ABC News until 1990, having moved from the Bonn office to join the team for investigative journalism in Frankfurt as a news editor and a war correspondent in the Middle East and Africa.

In 1991 Jumpelt became a freelancer and continued to work for ABC News as well as for other broadcasters, including German TV channel ZDF, when he reported from the former Yugoslavia.

During the start-up phase of the German TV station VOX, Jumpelt became deputy head of news. His portfolio also includes his position as director and head of production with Focus TV in Munich, as well as head of news with Spiegel TV in Hamburg.

Jumpelt worked for many years as a freelance journalist producing reports and documentaries for public as well as private TV channels.
Then in 2007, after a term as consultant for the creation of the first commercial TV station in Jordan, Jumpelt spent four years as managing director of the production company TV21 GmbH in Berlin.

From 2011 onwards, Jumpelt worked for German and international broadcasters, was a production consultant for TV stations in Africa and the Middle East, and focused his skills on the development and implementation of communications strategies for businesses and corporations.