Re: Tweet about PKK terror attack | Pressemitteilungen | DW | 12.12.2016
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Re: Tweet about PKK terror attack

Statement regarding a misinterpreted tweet referring to the hideous terrorist attack in Istanbul on December 10, 2016.

Chase Winter is a freelance journalist who works for DW. He has posted several tweets from his private Twitter account following the bombings in Istanbul.

Mr. Winter apologizes for the tweet he wrote regarding the PKK terror attack being “successful”. The wording may have been misleading. In no way did Mr. Winter mean to praise a horrendous terror attack targeting police doing their job protecting civilians at a football match. He deeply regrets having used a wording which may have added to the dismay at this sensitive time. 

In another private tweet from the same day, Mr. Winter’s condemnation of the terrorist attack becomes clear:

“From PKK's perspective the bomb in Besiktas was successful. I CONDEMN IT. I am a Besiktas fan.”