Digital Literacy and Social Activism | Themen | DW | 03.03.2012
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Digital Literacy and Social Activism

In this session, the winners of the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards will share and discuss their experiences.

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With the emergence of social networking, digital literacy has become a major factor in enabling people to raise their voices, communicate, collaborate and pursue wide-scale social and political reforms. Internet activists are archetypal digital literates. They use digital technology effectively to find, summarize, evaluate, create, curate and spread information. But even experienced online activists need to engage digital illiterates and people without Internet access before anyone can raise popular awareness of social and political issues, push for change or come even close to overthrowing a dictator.

The panel and audience will discuss how Internet activists bridge the gap between the digital literate and illiterate. The winners of the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards - The BOBs - will showcase their projects and strategies. By distinguishing their exemplary campaigns, DW performs a key and multilingual role in connecting traditional information providers and a growing community of online activists.