After The Veil Prevailed | Karte | DW | 15.03.2011
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After The Veil Prevailed


I extremely dislike stereotyping but as I live in a country with the beauty of diversed culture , as an Armenian Syrian girl born and live in this country I share my life with thousands of different people with veil or without , I never had the idea of knowing how their life is behind that veil , and as a curious photographer one day had myself covered and went to the old city in my town , got the taxi moved around my city and everything was fine I experienced my life behind that veil my daily routine , it’s a different feeling you get to see everything around you and no one can get to know who you really are . on the other hand when I passed through the Christian area in my town where I normally hang out with my Christian friends I saw how they look at me behind that veil . Without knowing my reality … I saw how badly we neglect those people and we judge them by there look , I can never forget my friends eyes looking at me …. Honestly I had this bad feeling in my heart , am I one of those people who judge a certain type of people just because they are in veil On the other hand one of my closest friends who never been in M.East before visited me so as usual I took him to the old city souks and so on … although he was expecting to see something like this but he was scared saying I need to see faces , I need to see faces . All I want to say is that "I think we have to be careful about judging people by their appearances” If they are happy with the veil let not judge them , if we want them to express themselves we are ready to help them with or without the veil.

Photographer: Angelique Joseph Sanossian, Syria