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What Can the World Expect From Bush II?

DW-WORLD readers were quick to send in their views about what a second Bush presidency will mean, especially with regard to foreign policy. Just like the US election results, opinions are divided.


President Bush's re-election has inspired many, scared others

The following comments reflect the views of our readers as received so far. If you would like to have your say on this our another issue, please click on our feedback button below. For editing purposes, not all reader comments will be automatically published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

In regards to your question about whether Bush will work more closely with the world on global issues -- I think not. Many media pundits in the US are predicting that he will, but I seriously doubt it. I fear that the "popular mandate" Bush was granted by winning the popular vote will translate, in his mind, to "carte blanche" to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants on the world stage. I am truly frightened at how he might abuse his power next - either internationally or here in the US. -- Bethanie, USA

I find your negativity to be very interesting.You EU folk need to look in the mirror once in a while. Maybe the real reason that so many people here voted for Bush is because you tried so hard to interfere with our elections. You are finally starting to realize that,as much as you think we are the same, we are very different societies. -- Frank Knapp

You began your article by saying that "Americans have decided George Bush is the best man for the helm..." Please let this be heard around the world: Only half of Americans voted for Bush. There is another half that voted against him, and we are heartbroken. The reason we could not gather enough votes to oust him is due to his party's ability to use issues that encouraged votes from people and groups holding extremist views. Naturally, those of us with respect and desire for rational leadership had very little to offer the extremists. Please do not forget that there still exists a "better," although smaller half of the USA. -- Wayne Kachelries

Marc Young's commentary suggests that George Bush and, worse yet, the United States don't care about human rights. The one country that has consistently fought against oppression is accused of not caring about human rights? I think Mr. Young is starting to believe his own rhetoric and I find his attitude towards the US insulting. President Bush feels he is acting in the nation's best interest. We know it is not necessarily popular around the world to defend ourselves, but I have never seen anyone in the world offer a solution to the terrorist problem that threatens the security of the US and the rest of the free world. -- Chuck Oaks

Bush working with the world? You must be kidding. Bush will be more of a despot then before. His way or no way. The rest of the world had better wake up before it's too late. He will see that Eurpoe and not the US suffers any terrorist attacks. Countries with American military in them should get rid of them as soon as possible. Germans and Europeans should stop seeing America as Hollywood made it, because it's just a fantasy. -- Erni Stetz

In Canada, I would say that there is absolutly no chance (of Bush working with the world). Bush has destroyed the long-standing relationship between Canada and the United States! If we can't reach him, I hold little hope for those on the far corners of this world. This is a very bad situation. -- Dave, Canada

President Bush will work with other nations on global issues as long as those issues do not infringe on the citizens of the United States. The Kyoto Treaty should not be signed by the US nor should the US become a member of the International Criminal Court. The US will never allow others to dictate policy and disburse justice to its citizens. I would respect the President if, after Iraq is settled and is allowed to choose its leader, he would bring our troops home from every country in world and let each country depend on the EU for protection and help. We have done enough for Europe and the rest of the world. -- Jay Clontz

It appears at this stage to be very unlikely that President Bush will be able to escape the smothering embrace of the US Christian Right and the pro-Israel lobby. Nor is it at all likely that he will want to do so. He would be left out in the cold. -- Anthony Chernushenko, Ottawa, Canada

As it turns out there are fundamental differences between Europe and the US and the electoral system highlights the most crucial of these. America's "winner takes all" system creates politicians who can only see black/white distinctions in this world. If I win I don't need you and hence why would I even want to cooperate with you? Very different from the parliamentarian systems in Europe that allow for proportional representation. Couple this with America's infatuation with religion and you end up with single minded, realigious zealots unwilling to discuss or cooperate with others. Or in short, you end up with Bush. -- Doug Driver

The best result for Europe in the US elections is what has happened. The re-election of President George W. Bush. As the world super power, the US is obligated to take care of terrorists who kill innocent men, women, and children anywhere in the world. Now the world has a US government that will not let these terrorists go unpunished. Instead of Bin Laden launching another attack on America, he was reduced to sending a video tape of threats in order to influence our election. Europeans should not be worried about terrorism. The United States of America will take care of that problem for them. -- David Dearman

President Bush has shown little inclination to listen to criticism and has a hard time admitting mistakes. Unfortunately these tatics are a part of the American myth of the lone, strong, male leader who hunts down the bad guys and kills them. Such a 19th century Western cowboy image is ignorant and dangerous in the fragile global village in which we all now live. -- David M. Bridges

I am bitterly opposed to Bush. He makes me embarrassed to be an American and there is nothing he could ever do to win me over to his side. I am so disgusted with him that I refuse to do anything that might be seen as supporting him such as flying the American flag at my home. So essentially, I am down to rooting against my country because I want the next four years to be as miserable for him as they will be for me. -- Elaine Matthew

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