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DW Akademie

Journalism internships

If you would like to get a sense of working in a DW editorial department here are some details about the internships we offer.

Internships are possible in all areas where DW journalists work: television, online, radio, communications and DW Akademie.

Our Multimedia Regions department in Bonn offers radio and online internships in 30 languages. Our Multimedia Global department offers television internships in Berlin. The television programs are produced in Arabic, German, English and Spanish.

The internships last one to six months and begin on the first working day of the month. We try to involve you as much as possible in the department’s daily routine. Taking on journalistic or editorial tasks depends on the journalistic experience you already have. DW Welle internships are generally remunerated. The pay reflects your qualifications and starts at 310 euros per month.

To be eligible for a DW internship you must
• have completed at least three academic semesters
• have initial journalism experience in TV, radio and/or online

You will also need to submit (by post or email) the following documents in German or English:
• A letter stating the desired timeframe, editorial department and area (news, business, sports, culture or current affairs)
• Your curriculum vitae and photo
• Confirmation of enrolment
• A description of your practical journalism experience
• Written and published work samples (3 - 5 samples); we do not accept electronic data carriers for this
• Proof of language skills if you are interested in working in a foreign language department

Deutsche Welle
Aus- und Fortbildung
Marianne Hoffmann
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3
53113 Bonn
E: internship(at)dw.de

For Berlin television internship running between January and June you will need to apply the previous October; we will notify you of our decision in November. For internships running between July and December you will need to apply in April; we will notify you of our decision in May. You can send your application via post or email.

Applicants whose first language is Arabic, English or Spanish can apply for a television internship in that language.

Ramon Garcia-Ziemsen DW Akademie

Ramón García-Ziemsen

Head, Journalism Training

T: +49.228.429-2242
E: volontariat@dw.com