Media under fire - consequences of Trump′s dealing with the media | All media content | DW | 17.07.2017
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Global Media Forum

Media under fire - consequences of Trump's dealing with the media

hosted by Deutsche Welle

Watch video 63:06

“I have a running war with the media,” said Donald Trump in January 2017, speaking at the CIA. This is not true: he needs the media attention, but he is at war with the facts. His strategy seems to be: make the media untrustworthy so the facts presented are less credible. To what extent does this approach turn the media industry in the US upside down? How dangerous is the shift to “tendentious” media? And what does this trend mean for media markets outside the US?



Ines Pohl - Editor-in-chief, Deutsche Welle, Germany


Donald E. Graham - Chairman of the Board, Graham Holdings Company, USA

Yosri Fouda - Journalist, Deutsche Welle, Germany

Paul Steiger - Founding Editor-in-Chief and Current Executive Chairman, Pro Publica, USA

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