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Germans Consider U.S. Experience in Immigration Debate

The German government met last Friday in an attempt to reach a compromise on a new immigration law, with some considering the U.S. immigration experience as a model. Deutsche Welle readers offered their thoughts.


Should Germany make it easier for immigrants?

I think immigration is required for Germany for two reasons:
1) An aging population, this results in lot of problems in social welfare system.
2) Immigration for highly skilled labours in order to compete with USA.
I don’t understand why it’s wrong to give immigration to high skilled labourers. Germany gets more money from taxing highly skilled workers who earn more money.

-- Sharath Neela, India.

I was born in America but my ancestry/heritage is of German and British. It makes me very proud that I am American who has such a rich Ancestry/Heritage from my family who came from Germany and Britian. I am told by so many people that I look German and I am very proud of that. It is wonderful to bring in many different people from all cultures and countries. If we had no immigration or limited immigration then I would not be the PROUD American-German-British person I am today! I have many friends and family in Germany and they also have the same here in America...we are all one people. Yes, there must be screening of some kind to keep out terror-minded people who want to do harm to any country so this would be the first thing that both Germany and the USA should work on to insure that our world is safe. We can do this together, Germany has long been our friends as America to Germany has also. I know we can work on this to make it work, afterall we have in both country's smart and good people to make the immigration laws work for all of us. My love for Germany is very deep and also for America...so we can do this as our many family's who are long in the past did. Go FC Bayern Munchen...my favorite team...just maybe we can make more of soccwer here in the USA with help from Germany...they are the very best in soccer leagues/teams. It would be the same as working on immigration for our countries.

-- Jan Pickens, USA.

This has been an issue for debate for a long time. I am of the belief that Germany can gain economic and social strenght by welcoming new immigrants. Countries such as the US rely on the strength of their active poplulation which is mainly made up of immigrants who see themselves as part of the society. It is not just enough to allow immigrant in but taking them in as part the society by this, they feel a sense of belonging to the society in general.
(NB: I am talking from my point of view because I am a Nigerian who was born in Germany and I still feel a sense of belonging to Germany)

-- Wale Esan, Nigeria.

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