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Gay Marriage in the U.S.?

DW-WORLD readers comment on the question whether the U.S. should follow the lead of several European countries and allow gay couples to get married.


These two tied the knot in San Francisco.

Of course the U.S. should follow Europe's lead on gay marriage.
1. The U.S. constitution mandates equal rights for all citizens. I believe in equal rights.
2. We are talking about civil rights, not religious beliefs.

3. Right wing fundamentalist churches should not attempt to force their beliefs on others.
4. Why would anyone NOT want gay people to get into stable relationships? Why would right wing fundies want gay people to live more promiscuous lives outside of stable relationships?
5. There is no scientific evidence for the claims that gay people can be 'cured' of being gay.
6. Young people are increasingly pro-same-sex marriage. Prejudice against gay people is lessening--it appears to be primarily among older and less educated people. -- Robert Steven van Keuren, California, USA

No. Just because many countries are accepting same sex "marriage" does not make it right -- biologically, morally, or socially. The United States needs to hold to a higher standard. -- M. Karanja

The European countries, Canada and other countries around the world that are leading the way to non-discrimination against gay and lesbian persons are to be thanked. The U.S. is shameful in its current efforts to deny same-sex couples the right to participate in marriage. President Bush is campaigning to amend the US constitution for the first time in US history to single out particular group of law-abiding, tax-paying people and relegate them to second-class citizenship denied the enjoyment of a fundamental right. All countries that recognize the importance of granting equal civil rights to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons should condemn these efforts in the US to codify this unjust and immoral discrimination. -- Jerzy W. Hart, USA

I agree that the United States should recognize homosexuals and their right to marry. I do not think it should be called "gay marriage" either. It should just be marriage. I hope some day to be able to marry my boyfriend legally and be recognized. I'm tired of having to hide and feel like I should be ashamed of who I am. I was born gay, I will stay gay, and I hope to have just as many rights as straight people! -- Michael J. Kazakaitis

The U.S. should not allow gay marriage nor gay adoption. If gays are allowed to marry then who is next? Do we allow siblings to marry? Do we allow polygamous marriages? Do we allow marriages between different species? What is gay anyway? It is not a nationality, a race, a particular language or recognizable religion. One could be gay one day and normal the next. Anyone can say they are gay. How would society refute such an assertion? Marriage is the legal and moral and divine foundation of the family. The family is the same to society. Gays are trying to normalize abnormal behavior. In Canada, a few judges, and not the will of the people, will decide this outcome. Perhaps in the U.S. democracy will prevail. Europe should be careful as to where they are heading. -- Gilbert Desroches

It is a matter of equality under the law. The cries of a breakdown of the family and the "sanctity" of marriage don't hold up under the historical record: Cultural traditions change and marriage is basically a civil institution to insure social stability, legitimacy of children, and rights of inheritance. God didn't make this up; we humans fashioned it to meet our social needs. It's high time we legitimize the unions of homosexuals with real marriage and get on with more pressing issues. -- Peter MacMonagle

Of course the U.S. should follow the lead of Europe and grant marriage equality to all citizens. I believe this will happen, but the U.S. is behind in social change, as seems to always be the case. -- Anthony M. White

Absolutely not. The bible is real, like it or not. The bible is very clear that gay activity is immoral, and a gross sin in the eyes of God. Approval of gay anything is a sign that a people/country have lost their morals. If the bible doesn't define morals then what/who does? It would just then be your opinion vs. mine, and as long as I can whip you militarily then, my opinion rules. Doesn't work that way. People who advocate for gay marriage are really fighting God. -- Joel Silvey, USA

The U.S. government and society should start to worry about things that are important such as poverty, economics and their fellow man instead of gay "marriage", then they would be much better off. Seems to be that way in Europe, at least to me. -- Gail Freudenberger

I look forward to the day when my partner of 31 years and I may be legally wed here in New York State. Europe seems to have become comfortable with this before folks here in the states have. Now that it (marriage) seems so close I hope fear and ignorance won't prevail to delay greater equality for us gay folk. -- Steve Moyer, USA

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