DW-WORLD Content for Your Website | Online | DW | 11.05.2004
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DW-WORLD Content for Your Website

Content updated on a continual basis is the number one reason visitors return to a website. Integrating news from DW-WORLD is an excellent way of keeping your site fresh without updating it personally.

If you are an Internet property or part of one that is looking to offer your users independent and credible news and background information on Germany or Europe, then you‘ve come to the right place. DW-WORLD has developed a content feed system and we can now supply you with a customized package that will enhance any website. Best of all, this is a free DW-WORLD service .

DW-WORLD.DE content feeds are in six languages namely German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese for Brazil. These are created in XML or HTML in the RSS (rich site summary) format. These feeds will ensure that you have the latest DW-WORLD content on your website.

Interested parties have the choice between two different types of feeds:

  1. Headlines only. This feed system will only publish the headlines of the articles that appear on DW-WORLD. When the user clicks on the headline, they are led to the entire article on the DW-WORLD website.
  2. Teaser model. We can supply you with a headline, a short teaser or descriptor text explaining the headline and a link to the entire article on the DW-WORLD website. We can also add relevant audio and video links to this model should any exist.

However, we have a variety of channels available on our website, from news bulletins for breaking news to current affairs, from culture & lifestyle to science & technology. This way we can ensure that your users are presented with the most relevant content and invite you to request what content you would like to receive.

How does it work?

Simply send a mail to online.sales@dw-world.de containing the following information:

  1. The name of your website
  2. Contact person
  3. DW-WORLD language
  4. The content model (teaser or headline)
  5. The channels you are interested in feeding into your website (Please note that we can also create a selection of the days top stories)
  6. Our marketing team will then reply to your email with your feed/s.

Before going ahead, make certain that you agree to the General terms and conditions for the use of DW-WORLD content feeds.

  • Content is to remain unchanged and is always cited as Content from the Deutsche Welle with a link directly to DW-WORLD.DE's homepage
  • The content is not to be passed onto a third party. In other words, content may not be sold or passed on. It is not possible to share content bought from Deutsche Welle with another establishment
  • DW-WORLD.DE does not enter into exclusive content agreements

Please feel free to contact our marketing team with any queries or for more information on our terms and conditions as well as possible content partnership agreements.

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