Top Security at Afghan Talks | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 27.11.2001
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Top Security at Afghan Talks

Journalists face closed doors at the secluded hilltop hotel Petersberg and are forced to even work on a nearby ship.


"Keep Out of the Petersberg", the UN tells media.

The security measures at the UN-sponsored Afghan conference are tight. All guests were forced to check out of the Petersberg hotel before the delegations arrived on Monday.

The German foreign ministry told journalists they would not be allowed in the Petersberg compound. "It is the explicit wish of the UN that the Afghan delegations can negotiate in private and undisturbed by the media," the ministry said in a statement.

Daily press briefings for the over 1 000 journalists are being held in a hotel in nearby Königswinter. However, lack of space has forced some media to move to a ship moored nearby.

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