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Nestle's Maggi noodles back in India after lead ban

Nestle has announced its Maggi instant noodles are back on Indian shelves after their sale was banned due to high levels of lead. The food and beverage giant has always maintained the noodles were safe.

The Swiss food and beverage giant said in a statement on Monday that it has resumed selling Maggi instant noodles five months after India's Health Ministry found lead levels to be above limits.

The noodles passed tests at three food-testing laboratories.

A ban remains in effect in eight states, but the Indian unit of Nestle is in talks with local governments to get the product cleared.

Nestle challenged the Indian government's allegations in court. The Bombay High Court later found the ban to be arbitrary and ordered new health tests.

Last month Nestle said the noodles passed laboratory tests and restarted production at three plants in India.

The company estimates the ban cost around $50 million (46 million euros).

cw/jil (AFP, AP)

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