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Indian and Pakistani security officials hold bilateral talks in Thailand

Top advisers from India and Pakistan have held a meeting in Bangkok to discuss key security issues. The talks, originally scheduled for August, followed a meeting between the country's prime ministers earlier this week.

Indian and Pakistani national security advisers held bilateral talks in Bangkok on Sunday, the same week Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with his Pakistani counterpart.

The talks concerned security, terrorism and the contested territory of Kashmir, which is divided between India and Pakistan and has been at the center of two wars fought between the countries. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in full.

Talks were originally scheduled in August but cancelled by India after neither side could settle on an agenda. Modi met with Pakistan's prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, on the sidelines of the Paris climate summit earlier this week.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars in total since independence from Britain in 1947.

blc/jlw (AFP, AP)

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