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Militants storm Indian army post in Kashmir

At least three armed militants have attacked an Indian army camp in the disputed Kashmir region. One Indian soldier has been wounded.

Throwing hand grenades and firing automatic weapons the militants entered the Indian army base in Tangdhar on Wednesday along the militarized border separating Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

One Indian army soldier was wounded in the attack and a kerosene fuel depot was blown up.

It was not immediately clear if the fighting had ended.

India often claims Pakistan arms and trains Kashmiri militants as part of a decades-long struggle over the disputed Himalayan region.

Pakistan denies the claims, saying it only provides political support to separatists in the Muslim-majority part of Kashmir controlled by India.

The two nuclear armed countries have fought three wars over Kashmir, which has been divided between the South Asian states since independence from Britain in 1947.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in conflict, mostly civilians.

cw/kms (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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