German U.N.-Ambassador: Afghan Elections Likely in 2004 | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 04.11.2003
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German U.N.-Ambassador: Afghan Elections Likely in 2004

A general election in Afghanistan could take place as early as next year, but only if officials there manage to improve security in the country, Gunter Pleuger, Germany's ambassador to the United Nations, told DeutschlandRadio. Pleuger, who is currently visiting the Afghan capital, Kabul, added that registering millions of voters still remained a big problem. Current plans call for presidential elections in 2004, to be followed by parliamentary elections in the same year. "It's definitely possible that the Afghan government will manage to do this," Pleuger said, describing the recently publicized draft for a new constitution as a first step to accomplish this goal.