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DW campaign to raise money for Afghanistan is a huge success

The 380,000 euros in donations will be used to build new classrooms in the country


Children in Afghanistan will benefit from DW's campaign to build 100 new classrooms in the country

Many boys and girls in Afghanistan will be able attend class again in newly-built schools and in large classrooms, thanks to a very successful project by Deutsche Welle and the German aid organisation Cap Anamur. The project "100
classrooms for Afghanistan" has just come to an
end, with a record more than 380-thousand Euros
donated since June 2003 from listeners, viewers and
many others all over the world. In fact, the
collection is enough to sponsor the construction of
102 classrooms in Afghanistan. Elias
Bierdel, Chairman of Cap Anamur, has thanked Deutsche Welle and DW reporters for their efforts to highlight the need for assistance to rebuild the country.