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Deutsche Welle & Cap Anamur Build 32 Schools in Afghanistan

Deutsche Welle and Cap Anamur would like to thank all of the donors who have helped make the 100 Classrooms for Afghanistan program a total success.


Schoolgirls at the opening of a school in Afghanistan.

The joint Deutsche Welle and Cap Anamur project 100 Classrooms for Afghanistan has reached its goal. Since the action started on June 13, Deutsche Welle has raised more than €380,000 in donations. These donations have helped Cap Anamur to build close to 300 classrooms in Afghanistan.

Many people from all parts of the world took part in the charity drive. The response from Deutsche Welle’s viewers, listeners and Internet users has been overwhelming. Here are just a few examples: Students at the Albert Schwiezer Secondary School in Cologne collected more than €19,000 in donations for constructions of classrooms in Afghanistan. And the wife of the German consul general in Los Angeles raised €18,000 at a single benefit gala. Students and teachers at a German school in Cairo, meanwhile, raised €1,000 for the action during a gala event celebrating the school’s 100th anniversary. And the company BFE, which constructed Deutsche Welle’s studios, donated €10,000 to 100 Classrooms.

In total, Cap Anamur built 32 schools in Afghanistan with money raised through the 100 Classrooms program. The schools were built in Novobad, Jamchi, Yanqiqala, Laclacond, Sardcomar and in the Baharak – all within a three-month period. Each classroom is approximately 40 square meters and can accommodate 30 to 40 students.

As a condition of building the schools, Cap Anamur required local rulers in these communities to agree that the schools would always be open to both boys and girls, that a co-ed recreation area would be a requirement and that teachers be paid at the schools by the local communities.

With this action, Deutsche Welle has helped to improve the education system in Afghanistan. We would like to thank all those who donated to 100 Classrooms for Afghanistan from around the world.

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