Nadir elementler ve geri dönüşüm (2011/29) | Çevre | DW | 22.07.2011
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Nadir elementler ve geri dönüşüm (2011/29)

Nihat Halıcı tarafından hazırlanan programda, cep telefonlarından elektrikli otomobillere ve gelişmiş silahlara birçok alanda üretimin bağlı olduğu nadir elementlerin geri dönüşümü ele alınıyor.

Description Rareearthoxides.jpg English: These rare-earth oxides are used as tracers to determine which parts of a watershed are eroding. Clockwise from top center: praseodymium, cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, samarium, and gadolinium. Category:lanthanides Date By voluntarily completing the form below, you can greatly help us to justify the continued availability of this service and to improve our service to media and the public. In addition, we request that media sources and other publishers send a tear sheet or a copy of the publication in which the image is used. Thank you for your assistance. Please send tear sheets to: USDA, ARS, IS Photo Unit 5601 Sunnyside Ave. Rm. 1-2225 Beltsville, MD 20705-5129 27 June 2009(2009-06-27) (original upload date) Source Transferred from en.wikipedia (Original text : Author Peggy Greb, US department of agriculture. Original uploader was Materialscientist at en.wikipedia Permission (Reusing this file) PD-USGOV-USDA-ARS. [edit] Licensing Public domain This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Nadir elementler ve geri dönüşüm (2011/29)

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