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Winner: Your best summer videos

You sent us some fantastic videos from around the world of your summer holidays. We'd like to thank everybody who sent us video clips. And now, here are the winners:

They have all won a fully equipped DW travel backpack: Paul Hemmen from the Netherlands, Anton Suhovoy from Russia, Juan Pablo Bayona Galvis from Colombia, as well as Semyon Bondarenko and Maxim Kovalev from Russia. Congratulations to all of you!

Watch video 07:23

Road Trip to Central Asia

Our special "out of competition" prize was awarded to an eight-minute-long video by Semyon Bondarenko, who filmed it together with his friend Andrey Bistrov. The two friends hitchhiked to unknown villages in the mountains of Central Asia, taking them to dangerous countries like Afghanistan and to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran - covering more than 7,000 kilometers in two months. Their view of people and places is free from stereotypes. Their very picturesque road-trip is a great reminder that traveling to the countries very foreign to us is more important than ever.

Watch video 01:54

Like a painting: Porto

During his summer holidays, Paul Hemmen filmed the harbor town of Porto and captured some fantastic images of Portugal's second largest city. One famous structure in Porto is the Ponte Dom Luís I bridge over the Douro River. Porto's historic town center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Watch video 02:05

Outdoor paradise in eastern Uzbekistan

Anton Suhovoy and his wife love to travel to the mountains. For them, Uzbekistan is the ideal destination. In the Chimgan mountain range and the Beldersay highlands, some 75 kilometers east of the capital Tashkent, the couple went hiking and paragliding.

Watch video 01:36

Dream destination Caribbean

He took his camera to the skies: Juan Pablo Bayona Galvis flew his video drone over the turquoise sea and the beaches of Colombia's Caribbean island of San Andrés. Forests there are typically composed of coconut palm trees. There aren't many sandy beaches - most of the shore line consists of craggy volcanic rocks.

Watch video 00:48

Holiday fun on Malta

The video clip by Maxim Kovalev wins our new-comer award. He spent a three-week summer holiday on the Mediterranean island of Malta. The island is known as a good destination for those seeking a varied beach and party holiday.

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