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What did we learn from Bayern's AGM?

Bayern's Annual General Meeting was a similarly impressive performance with a bright future ahead for the club. But what did we learn from the event?

Bayern backs Franz Beckenbauer

Amid allegations of corruption around buying votes to secure the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Bayern Munich's stance was unequivocal: they are backing former club legend Franz Beckenbauer.

"Beckenbauer is rightly our honorary president - and so will it stay. We owe a lot to him," said President Karl Hopfner who said the former player was being "condemned without trial" following reports from German magazine "Der Spiegel".

"We should never forget that we would not have gotten the 2006 World Cup without him and the Allianz Arena from 2005, with all the resultant economic and infrastructural improvements," Hopfner added. Beckenbauer denies the allegations.

Rummenigge wants more TV cash

"I'm not ready to accept that Bayern is 26th in the table," said CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

when talking about Bayern's TV revenues

compared with the rest of Europe. "It doesn't correspond with the sporting importance of the club in Germany and Europe."

So the 60-year-old is on a mission: Rummenigge wants to close the gap with Europe's top clubs in England and Spain. While Bayern takes around 73 million euro in TV money, English Premier League giants Manchester United earn 210 million. "That's a dramatic disadvantage," added Rummenigge.

With negotiations to come before the end of the year, the Bayern CEO wants "increased revenues to increase competition" while suggesting matches aren't moved to new dates amid calls for Monday evening kickoffs.

New Youth Academy

As Bayern announced more than 11 million euro in the bank, Hopfner said money was being spent very quickly. The German champions announced several weeks ago that a new youth academy was being constructed in the north of Munich - a project expected to cost around 70 million euro.

The facility, which will take around two years to complete, will have eight football pitches, a main centre, a club shop and restaurant. "The new youth academy is a huge milestone in our history," Hopfner said.

Bayern Basketball is thriving

In the space of four years, Bayern Munich's basketball team has become one of the strongest in Germany and competitive in the EuroLeague. Bayern won the 2014 league championship and finished runner-up last season and the management of head coach Svetislav Pesic was acknowledged at the AGM.

The Championship-winning teams at U14 and U19 level were given a standing ovation by the 2,590 Bayern members at the AGM. There are 15 national team players in Bayern's 18 youth teams, according to Hopfner. With the basketball department self-sustainable, the future looks bright for another Bayern team.

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